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Waterstones Brighton In Brighton, East Sussex

71-74 North St, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 1ZA, United Kingdom
01273 206017
Working Hours:
9 AM–6 PM
9 AM–6 PM
9 AM–6 PM
9 AM–6 PM
9 AM–6 PM
9 AM–6 PM
11 AM–5 PM

Waterstones Brighton: A Hub for Book Lovers

Waterstones Brighton, located at 71-74 North St, Brighton and Hove, is a book lover's paradise. The store offers a wide range of books across various genres, catering to diverse reading preferences. Whether you are a fiction enthusiast, a history buff, or someone seeking the latest bestsellers, Waterstones Brighton has something for everyone. The store is committed to providing an inviting and knowledgeable environment for book enthusiasts of all ages.

Waterstones is renowned for its extensive collection of books, covering fiction, non-fiction, children's literature, bestsellers, and more. The store prides itself on featuring both popular titles and hidden gems, ensuring that every visitor can discover something new and exciting. From classic literature to contemporary releases, the store's collection is thoughtfully curated to inspire and captivate readers.

The store's inviting ambiance and knowledgeable staff create an environment where customers can explore books at their leisure, seek recommendations, and engage in literary discussions. Waterstones Brighton is not just a store; it's a community hub for book lovers to connect, share their passion for reading, and discover new literary treasures.

The history of Waterstones dates back to 1982 when it was founded by Tim Waterstone. Since its inception, the chain has been dedicated to promoting the joy of reading and providing a haven for book enthusiasts. Waterstones Brighton exemplifies this dedication by offering a comfortable and enriching space for readers to indulge in their love for literature.

Waterstones Brighton operates with the following hours: Sunday 11 AM–5 PM, Monday to Saturday 9 AM–6 PM. These hours may be subject to change, so it's advisable to check the store's official website for any updates.

During lockdown, Waterstones Brighton is open for Click & Collect services, ensuring that customers can still access their favorite reads while adhering to safety guidelines. This demonstrates the store's commitment to providing convenient and safe options for its customers during challenging times.

Customers can expect a welcoming and knowledgeable staff at Waterstones Brighton, ready to assist with book recommendations, inquiries, and any other assistance needed. The store is dedicated to providing a pleasant and informative experience for all visitors.

Aside from offering a wide array of books, Waterstones Brighton may host book signings, readings, and other literary events, providing a platform for authors and readers to engage. Customers are encouraged to follow the store's website or social media channels for updates on upcoming events and additional services.

How to find Waterstones Brighton in Brighton

Apply the given postcode BN1 1ZA or the GPS coordinates, 50.8235 for latitude and -0.1438 for longitude, to locate the shop. Additionally, a map has been provided below to aid you in finding the shop.

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