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St. Columba's Hospice Bookshop In Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh

14-15 Brandon Terrace, Edinburgh EH3 5EA, United Kingdom
0131 557 2083
Working Hours:
10 AM–4 PM
10 AM–4 PM
10 AM–4 PM
10 AM–4 PM
10 AM–4 PM
10 AM–4 PM

St. Columba's Hospice Bookshop

St. Columba's Hospice Bookshop, located at 14-15 Brandon Terrace, Edinburgh, is a unique establishment that blends the love for literature with the spirit of charity. Operating as a used book store, the business not only offers an extensive collection of books but also serves as a means to support the noble cause of the St. Columba's Hospice. The shop is open from Monday to Saturday, from 10 AM to 4 PM, providing ample opportunities for book enthusiasts to explore its offerings and contribute to a charitable endeavor.

The ethos of St. Columba's Hospice Bookshop is deeply rooted in its commitment to supporting the hospice's mission while fostering a love for reading within the community. The shop's proceeds directly benefit the hospice's efforts, making every purchase a meaningful contribution to the care and support of individuals with life-limiting illnesses. With a history steeped in compassion and dedication to service, the bookshop has become an integral part of the local community, symbolizing the union of literature and philanthropy.

Founded on the principles of compassion and community support, the St. Columba's Hospice Bookshop has been a cornerstone of Edinburgh's literary and charitable landscape for many years. The welcoming atmosphere and the diverse array of literary offerings have made it a go-to destination for avid readers and supporters of the hospice alike. One of the remarkable qualities of St. Columba's Hospice Bookshop is its ability to bring people together through a shared love for literature and a common desire to make a difference. It has evolved into a hub where individuals not only find captivating reads but also connect with like-minded members of the community, all while contributing to a cause that holds deep significance for many.


1. What types of books can I expect to find at St. Columba's Hospice Bookshop?

St. Columba's Hospice Bookshop offers a diverse range of used books, including fiction, non-fiction, children's literature, and various other genres. The collection is curated to appeal to a wide audience, ensuring that there's something for everyone.

2. How are the proceeds from the bookshop utilized?

The proceeds from the bookshop directly support the St. Columba's Hospice, which provides care and assistance to individuals with life-limiting illnesses. By purchasing books from the shop, customers contribute to the hospice's essential services and compassionate care.

3. Can I donate books to St. Columba's Hospice Bookshop?

Absolutely! The bookshop welcomes book donations, allowing individuals to contribute to the cause by providing books that others can enjoy. Donations further support the shop's mission of raising funds for the hospice.

4. What makes St. Columba's Hospice Bookshop unique?

Besides offering a wide selection of books, the bookshop's unique appeal lies in its dual role as a haven for book lovers and a means to support a charitable cause. Through the act of purchasing or donating books, customers directly contribute to the hospice's impactful work, creating a special synergy between literature and philanthropy.

How to find St. Columba's Hospice Bookshop in Edinburgh

Use the given postcode EH3 5EA or the GPS coordinates, 55.9622 for latitude and -3.2001 for longitude, to locate the shop. Also, a map is included below to help you in pinpointing the shop.

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