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Raygun In Aaron's Hill, Surrey

26 Red Lion St, Richmond TW9 1RW, United Kingdom
020 8948 8476
Working Hours:
10 AM–6 PM
10 AM–6 PM
10 AM–6 PM
10 AM–6 PM
10 AM–6 PM
10 AM–6 PM
11 AM–5 PM

Raygun: Your Destination for Comics, Collectibles, and More

Raygun, located at 26 Red Lion St, Richmond TW9 1RW, United Kingdom, is a one-stop destination for enthusiasts of comics, collectibles, toys, and trading cards. Established with a passion for pop culture, Raygun offers a diverse range of products and an immersive experience for fans of all ages. With a commitment to exceptional customer service and a deep appreciation for the community, Raygun has become a beloved hub for comic and pop culture aficionados.


1. What products does Raygun offer?

Raygun specializes in a wide range of products, including comic books, collectibles, toys, and trading cards. Whether you're a casual fan or a dedicated collector, Raygun provides an extensive selection to cater to various interests.

2. What sets Raygun apart from other stores?

Raygun stands out due to its commitment to offering a diverse and carefully curated collection, exceptional customer service, and an engaging environment for enthusiasts. The store's dedication to fostering a welcoming and inclusive community further distinguishes it from other similar establishments.

3. Can I visit Raygun outside of the weekend?

Yes, Raygun is open seven days a week, with varying opening hours from 10 AM to 6 PM on weekdays and 11 AM to 5 PM on Sundays. Whether you're seeking a midweek escape or a weekend adventure, Raygun is ready to welcome you.

4. Does Raygun host special events or gatherings?

Absolutely! Raygun frequently hosts special events, including signings, release parties, and themed gatherings. Keep an eye on their website or social media channels for updates on upcoming events, ensuring you don't miss out on any exciting opportunities to connect with fellow enthusiasts.

5. What is the history of Raygun?

Raygun was founded by a group of passionate collectors who sought to create a space where fans could find not only products but also a sense of belonging. Over the years, the store has grown to become a staple in the community, known for its commitment to quality and its role as a hub for pop culture enthusiasts.

Raygun's values center around providing a welcoming and inclusive environment, where fans can explore their passions and connect with others who share their interests. The store's team is dedicated to ensuring that every visitor has a memorable experience, whether they're seeking a specific item or simply browsing the latest releases. Additionally, Raygun actively engages with the community, participating in local events and supporting initiatives that promote creativity and imagination.

As a testament to its impact, Raygun has received recognition for its outstanding contributions to the world of comics and pop culture. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the world of comics and collectibles, Raygun offers a space where everyone can feel at home, discover new treasures, and celebrate the magic of pop culture.

How to find Raygun in Aaron's Hill

Use the given postcode TW9 1RW or the GPS coordinates, 51.4596 for latitude and -0.3042 for longitude, to find the shop. Additionally, a map is given below to aid you in finding the shop.

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