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Otaku World In Derby, Derbyshire

6 St James's St, Derby DE1 1RL, United Kingdom
07904 675911
Working Hours:
10 AM–5 PM
10 AM–5 PM
10 AM–5 PM
10 AM–5 PM
10 AM–5 PM
10 AM–5 PM

Business Summary

Otaku World is a collectibles store located at 6 St James's St, Derby, United Kingdom, with a focus on providing properly licensed figures, manga, K-POP, toys, accessories, games, posters, and anime clothing. The business is committed to sourcing its items from Japan to fulfill the needs of the UK anime community while ensuring support for creators. Additionally, the store offers a space for socializing and aims to become the ultimate destination for anime fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What products does Otaku World offer?

Otaku World offers a wide range of properly licensed figures, manga, K-POP, toys, accessories, games, posters, and anime clothing, all sourced from Japan.

2. What is Otaku World's mission?

Otaku World's main aim is to fulfill the needs of the UK anime community while also supporting creators. They prioritize passion and community, striving to create the ultimate space for anime fans to socialize and purchase items they love.

3. Does Otaku World buy manga collections?

Yes, Otaku World also buys manga collections, providing an opportunity for individuals to sell their manga collections.

4. What are Otaku World's operating hours?

Otaku World is open from 10 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Saturday and is closed on Sundays.

5. What sets Otaku World apart?

Otaku World distinguishes itself by not only providing a wide range of Japanese collectibles but also by producing anime clothing through UK artists, thus offering a unique blend of Japanese and UK anime culture.

History and Values

Otaku World's journey began with a vision to cater to the growing demand for authentic Japanese anime and manga merchandise in the UK. The business was founded on the principle of bringing together a community of anime enthusiasts and offering them a space to connect and explore their shared passion. The store's commitment to properly licensed products underscores its dedication to supporting the original creators and artists. This dedication extends to the unique range of anime clothing produced in collaboration with UK artists, creating a fusion of Japanese and UK anime culture.

Future Plans

Otaku World's ambition extends beyond being a retail store. The business has major plans to evolve into the ultimate destination for anime fans, providing a space not only for purchasing merchandise but also for socializing and sharing their love for anime. Through its continuous growth and expansion, Otaku World aims to establish itself as a hub for the UK anime community, fostering creativity, camaraderie, and a deep appreciation for Japanese pop culture.

How to find Otaku World in Derby

Use the given postcode DE1 1RL or the GPS coordinates, 52.9223 for latitude and -1.4774 for longitude, to locate the shop. Additionally, a map is included below to aid you in finding the shop.

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