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Niche Comics Bookshop In Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

147 High St, Huntingdon PE29 3TF, United Kingdom
01480 412315
Working Hours:
11 AM–5:30 PM
11 AM–5:30 PM
11 AM–5:30 PM
11 AM–5:30 PM
11 AM–5:30 PM
9 AM–5:30 PM
11 AM–4 PM


Niche Comics Bookshop is an award-winning independent bookshop located in Huntingdon, United Kingdom. Run by Angela, Adam, and Guy Makey, the shop is housed in a historic two-storey timber-framed building dating back to 1573. The shop offers a diverse selection of new books, comics, tabletop games, card games, and Gifts along with products from Games Workshop. Upstairs, customers can find a wide array of children's books, comics, and gifts for all ages. The bookshop prides itself on being autism-friendly and provides work experience opportunities for students. Additionally, they host Acoustic Nights at The Commemoration Hall on High Street, Huntingdon.


1. What products does Niche Comics Bookshop offer?

Niche Comics Bookshop offers a range of new books, comics, tabletop games, card games, and Gifts. Additionally, they stock products from Games Workshop.

2. What are the special features of the bookshop?

The bookshop is housed in a historic two-storey timber-framed building from 1573 and is known for its 'niches' that provide an engaging browsing experience. Furthermore, it is an autism-friendly bookshop and offers work experience opportunities for students.

3. What community events does the bookshop host?

Niche Comics Bookshop hosts Acoustic Nights at The Commemoration Hall on High Street, Huntingdon.

4. What are the operating hours of Niche Comics Bookshop?

The bookshop is open on Sunday from 11 AM to 4 PM, Monday to Friday from 11 AM to 5:30 PM, and on Saturday from 9 AM to 5:30 PM.

5. History and Values

Established by the Makey family, Niche Comics Bookshop has been a cornerstone of the Huntingdon community, providing a welcoming space for book and comic enthusiasts. The shop's commitment to being autism-friendly reflects its dedication to inclusivity and accessibility. Niche Comics Bookshop's support for students through work experience programs showcases its investment in nurturing local talent and contributing to educational development.

6. Community Engagement

Beyond being a retail space, Niche Comics Bookshop actively engages with the local community by hosting events like Acoustic Nights, providing a platform for local talent and fostering a vibrant cultural scene in Huntingdon. The shop's commitment to being autism-friendly not only caters to a specific demographic but also sets an example of inclusivity for other businesses. Furthermore, the work experience opportunities provided to students demonstrate the shop's dedication to nurturing the next generation of professionals.

7. Recognition and Awards

Niche Comics Bookshop has received recognition for its contributions to the community and its commitment to providing diverse and high-quality products. These accolades highlight the shop's dedication to excellence and its impact on the local cultural and educational landscape.

How to find Niche Comics Bookshop in Huntingdon

Use the given postcode PE29 3TF or the GPS coordinates, 52.3283 for latitude and -0.1797 for longitude, to locate the shop. Also, a map has been provided below to assist you in pinpointing the shop.

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