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Frog Bros Comics and Books In Bournemouth, Dorset

3, Sovereign Centre, 600 Christchurch Rd, Boscombe, Bournemouth BH1 4SX, United Kingdom
01202 399247
Working Hours:
9 AM–5:30 PM
9 AM–5:30 PM
9 AM–5:30 PM
9 AM–5:30 PM
9 AM–5:30 PM
9 AM–5:30 PM
10 AM–4 PM


Frog Bros Comics and Books is a well-established comic book store located in the Sovereign Centre, Bournemouth, United Kingdom. Since its inception, the store has been dedicated to providing a wide range of comic books and related merchandise to cater to the diverse interests of its customers. With a commitment to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment, Frog Bros Comics and Books has become a hub for comic enthusiasts and casual readers alike. The store's central location in the Sovereign Centre, a popular shopping destination, makes it easily accessible to both local residents and visitors to the area. Frog Bros Comics and Books has been serving the community for over a decade, continually evolving its collection to offer the latest releases and timeless classics.


1. What kind of products does Frog Bros Comics and Books offer?

Frog Bros Comics and Books offers a diverse range of comic books, graphic novels, and related merchandise. The store caters to various interests, including superhero comics, manga, independent publications, and collectibles. In addition to mainstream titles, the store takes pride in featuring works from emerging and independent creators, providing a platform for unique storytelling and artistic expression.

2. Does the store have any special events or promotions?

While specific events and promotions may vary, Frog Bros Comics and Books occasionally hosts signings, release parties, and themed events to engage with the community and celebrate new comic releases or special occasions. Customers can stay updated on these events through the store's website or social media channels. The store also participates in larger comic conventions and local fairs, often featuring exclusive merchandise and artist appearances.

3. What sets Frog Bros Comics and Books apart from other comic book stores?

One of the distinguishing features of Frog Bros Comics and Books is its commitment to providing a welcoming and inclusive space for comic enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds. The store's knowledgeable staff members are passionate about comics and are dedicated to assisting customers in discovering new titles or exploring different genres. Additionally, the store's emphasis on community engagement and support for local artists contributes to its unique identity within the industry.

4. Can customers order specific comic books or merchandise if they are not available in-store?

Yes, Frog Bros Comics and Books offers a special ordering service for customers looking for specific comic books or merchandise that may not be available in the store. This service allows customers to request items and have them delivered to the store for convenient pickup. Furthermore, the store's website provides an online ordering option for customers who prefer to browse and purchase items remotely.

5. Does Frog Bros Comics and Books support local artists and creators?

Absolutely, Frog Bros Comics and Books actively supports local artists and creators by showcasing and selling their work in the store. This initiative enables customers to discover unique and independent comic creations while also contributing to the local creative community. The store frequently features signings and meet-and-greet events with local artists, fostering a direct connection between creators and their audience.

How to find Frog Bros Comics and Books in Bournemouth

Use the given postcode BH1 4SX or the GPS coordinates, 50.7271 for latitude and -1.8389 for longitude, to find the shop. Also, a map has been provided below to help you in pinpointing the shop.

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