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Forbidden Planet London Megastore In London, Greater London

179 Shaftesbury Ave, London WC2H 8JR, United Kingdom
020 7420 3666
Working Hours:
10 AM–7 PM
10 AM–7 PM
10 AM–7 PM
10 AM–7 PM
10 AM–7 PM
10 AM–7 PM
12–6 PM

Forbidden Planet London Megastore

Forbidden Planet London Megastore, located at 179 Shaftesbury Ave, London, is a haven for enthusiasts of graphic novels, comics, and collectibles. Offering a wide array of merchandise, including T-shirts, character figures, toys, and an extensive collection of books, the store has become a go-to destination for fans of popular culture and entertainment. With its diverse categories including comic books, books, collectibles, games, and toys, the megastore caters to a broad spectrum of interests, making it a one-stop-shop for fans and collectors alike. The store prides itself on creating an immersive experience for customers, fostering a sense of community and passion for all things related to comics and pop culture.


1. What makes Forbidden Planet London Megastore unique?

Forbidden Planet stands out due to its extensive range of graphic novels, comics, and collectibles. It provides a comprehensive selection of merchandise, ensuring there's something for every fan of popular culture and entertainment. The store's commitment to fostering a sense of community and passion sets it apart, creating an immersive experience for visitors.

2. Does the store offer only comic books, or does it have other products as well?

While the store is renowned for its vast collection of comic books and graphic novels, it also offers a diverse range of products including books, collectibles, games, and toys. This broad selection caters to a wide range of interests within the realm of pop culture and entertainment.

3. What is the customer service like at Forbidden Planet London Megastore?

Forbidden Planet is known for its excellent customer service. Staff members are passionate about the products they sell and are eager to assist customers, whether they are seasoned collectors or new enthusiasts. The store aims to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment, ensuring that customers feel valued and supported in their pursuit of pop culture merchandise.

4. Can visitors expect any special events or gatherings at the megastore?

Forbidden Planet often hosts special events, signings, and gatherings featuring prominent figures from the comic book and entertainment industry. These events provide fans with the opportunity to meet their favorite creators, artists, and writers, creating memorable experiences for attendees. Keep an eye on the store's website and social media channels for updates on upcoming events.

5. What are the store's operating hours?

Forbidden Planet London Megastore is open from 10 AM to 7 PM on Thursdays, Fridays, Mondays, and Tuesdays. On Saturdays, the store operates from 10 AM to 7 PM, and on Sundays, it opens from 12 PM to 6 PM. Wednesdays are also open from 10 AM to 7 PM.

How to find Forbidden Planet London Megastore in London

Apply the given postcode WC2H 8JR or the GPS coordinates, 51.5151 for latitude and -0.1273 for longitude, to find the shop. Additionally, a map is given below to assist you in finding the shop.

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