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Create a Book In Belfast, County Antrim

3 Brook Mdw, Gilnahirk, Belfast BT5 7FT, United Kingdom
07821 539393
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Working Hours:
10 AM–5 PM
10 AM–5 PM
10 AM–5 PM
10 AM–5 PM
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Business Summary

Create a Book is a unique hybrid business located in Gilnahirk, Belfast, United Kingdom, specializing in offering a diverse range of services within the literary realm. As both a comic book store and a book publisher, Create a Book caters to a wide audience, from avid comic enthusiasts to aspiring authors. The store prides itself on fostering creativity and imagination through its extensive collection of comics and its publishing services, providing a platform for both established and emerging talent.


1. What services does Create a Book offer?

Create a Book offers two primary services: operating as a comic book store and a book publisher. As a comic book store, it provides a diverse array of comic books, catering to various interests and age groups. Simultaneously, as a book publisher, Create a Book offers aspiring authors the opportunity to bring their literary creations to life.

2. What makes Create a Book unique?

What sets Create a Book apart is its dual nature as a comic book store and a book publisher. This unique combination allows the business to provide a comprehensive experience for both comic enthusiasts and aspiring authors, fostering a creative and diverse community.

3. What are the core values of Create a Book?

Create a Book is dedicated to promoting creativity, imagination, and inclusivity. The business strives to support and showcase a wide range of voices and narratives through its collection of comics and its publishing services.

4. Can I visit Create a Book in person?

Absolutely! Create a Book is located at 3 Brook Mdw, Gilnahirk, Belfast BT5 7FT, United Kingdom. The store is open from Monday to Friday, with slightly reduced hours on Saturdays, providing ample opportunities for enthusiasts and aspiring authors to explore its offerings and services.

5. What is the history of Create a Book?

Create a Book has established itself as a pillar of the literary community in Belfast, having evolved from a passion for comics and literature into a business that serves both comic lovers and aspiring authors. With a commitment to enabling creative expression, the business has become a hub for those who appreciate diverse storytelling and artistic vision.

Moreover, Create a Book is deeply committed to promoting creativity and inclusivity within the literary world. The business actively seeks to engage with the local community, hosting events that celebrate storytelling, illustration, and the art of creating comics and literature. Through workshops, signings, and other interactive sessions, Create a Book endeavors to nurture and support emerging talent while also fostering a sense of belonging among comic enthusiasts and authors alike.

How to find Create a Book in Belfast

Utilise the given postcode BT5 7FT or the GPS coordinates, 54.5818 for latitude and -5.8420 for longitude, to locate the shop. Also, a map has been provided below to help you in locating the shop.

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