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Blackwell's Book Shop Newcastle In Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear

141 Percy St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7RS, United Kingdom
141 Percy St
Working Hours:
9 AM–5:30 PM
9 AM–5:30 PM
9 AM–5:30 PM
9 AM–5:30 PM
9 AM–5:30 PM
9:30 AM–5:30 PM
11 AM–5 PM

Blackwell's Book Shop Newcastle, located at 141 Percy St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7RS, United Kingdom, is a renowned establishment that has been serving the community for many years. This multifaceted business offers a wide range of products and services for book lovers, artists, and hobbyists alike. With a comprehensive collection of books, architectural and engineering models, art supplies, and scrapbooking materials, Blackwell's Book Shop is a haven for those seeking knowledge, creativity, and inspiration.

Core Services

Blackwell's Book Shop Newcastle offers an extensive selection of books across various genres, catering to readers of all ages and interests. In addition to their diverse book collection, the shop serves as an architectural and engineering model maker, providing unique and intricate models for enthusiasts and professionals. Furthermore, they offer an array of art supplies, catering to both seasoned artists and beginners, and are a go-to destination for scrapbooking enthusiasts looking for high-quality materials.


Committed to fostering a love for literature, creativity, and learning, Blackwell's Book Shop Newcastle prides itself on providing exceptional customer service and a welcoming atmosphere. Their dedication to promoting reading, artistic expression, and creative pursuits is evident in the diverse range of products and services they offer.


With a rich history dating back many years, Blackwell's Book Shop Newcastle has been a staple in the community, continually evolving to meet the changing needs of its customers. Over the years, the business has expanded its offerings, maintaining a strong tradition of excellence and a commitment to providing a unique and enriching experience for all who visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes Blackwell's Book Shop unique?

Blackwell's Book Shop stands out due to its diverse offerings, encompassing books, architectural and engineering models, art supplies, and scrapbooking materials. This unique combination caters to a wide range of interests, making it a destination for both book lovers and hobbyists.

2. Can I find specialized art supplies at Blackwell's Book Shop?

Absolutely! The shop boasts a comprehensive selection of art supplies, serving the needs of both professional artists and beginners. Whether you're looking for paints, brushes, sketchbooks, or other artistic materials, Blackwell's Book Shop has you covered.

3. Does Blackwell's Book Shop offer events or workshops?

Yes, Blackwell's Book Shop frequently hosts events, book signings, and workshops, providing an opportunity for the community to engage with authors, artists, and experts. These events contribute to a vibrant and enriching cultural atmosphere.

4. What is the history of Blackwell's Book Shop?

Established many years ago, Blackwell's Book Shop has been an integral part of the community, adapting to changing times while maintaining a commitment to excellence. Its long-standing presence reflects its enduring dedication to serving the needs of book lovers, artists, and hobbyists.

How to find Blackwell's Book Shop Newcastle in Newcastle upon Tyne

Apply the given postcode NE1 7RS or the GPS coordinates, 54.9784 for latitude and -1.6141 for longitude, to find the shop. Also, a map has been provided below to assist you in locating the shop.

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