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Bernard O'Mahoney Fan Club In Hyde, Greater Manchester

Clarence Hotel, 195 Talbot Rd, Newton, Hyde SK14 4HJ, United Kingdom
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Located at the Clarence Hotel, 195 Talbot Rd, Newton, Hyde SK14 4HJ, United Kingdom, this business is a comic book store. Customers can visit the physical store to explore a wide range of comic books and related merchandise.


Q1: What can I find at the comic book store?

A1: The comic book store offers a diverse collection of comic books from various genres and publishers. You can find popular titles, classic series, graphic novels, and limited editions. Additionally, they may also carry merchandise such as action figures, posters, and collectibles related to comic book characters.

Q2: Are there any events or activities organized by the store?

A2: While specific details are not provided, comic book stores often host events, signings, and themed activities. It's recommended to enquire directly at the store or follow their social media accounts for updates on upcoming events.

Q3: Can I sell or trade my comic books at this store?

A3: Most comic book stores offer buyback or trade-in programs for customers. It's advisable to contact the store directly to inquire about their policies and procedures for selling or trading comic books.

Q4: Do they have a subscription service for comic books?

A4: Comic book stores generally offer subscription services where customers can reserve or pre-order their preferred comic books on a regular basis. To find out if this store offers a subscription service, it's best to reach out to them directly.

Comic book stores are more than just retail spaces; they often serve as community hubs where fans can connect, discover new releases, and share their passion for comics. From mainstream superheroes like Batman, Spider-Man, and Superman to indie comics and graphic novels, you can find a plethora of options to suit your taste. These stores usually have sections dedicated to various genres, including science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, and more.

In addition to comic books, many stores offer related merchandise such as action figures, toys, clothing, posters, and collectibles. Some stores even host events, signings, and workshops where creators or industry professionals interact with fans. If you have a collection of comic books that you no longer need or want to trade for new titles, many stores offer buyback or trade-in programs. Lastly, if you're a devoted fan of a particular comic book series or publisher, you may want to inquire about the store's subscription service.

How to find Bernard O'Mahoney Fan Club in Hyde

Use the given postcode SK14 4HJ or the GPS coordinates, 53.4643 for latitude and -2.0611 for longitude, to identify the shop. Also, a map has been provided below to aid you in pinpointing the shop.

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