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Be More Geek In Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear

Eldon Square, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7XG, United Kingdom
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Working Hours:
9 AM–6 PM
9 AM–6 PM
9 AM–6 PM
9 AM–6 PM
9 AM–6 PM
9 AM–6 PM
11 AM–5 PM

Be More Geek: Celebrating Fandom Through Unique Merchandise

Be More Geek is a vibrant and diverse retail destination located in Eldon Square, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. The store offers an extensive array of gifts and merchandise inspired by popular films, TV shows, and gaming franchises. These include a wide range of items such as POP! Vinyl figures, action figures, T-shirts, plush toys, and much more. The store operates as both a toy store and a gift shop, catering to fans of various entertainment genres.

Be More Geek prides itself on celebrating fandom through its carefully curated products, embracing the passion and creativity of its clientele. The establishment's commitment to offering an expansive selection of merchandise from beloved licenses allows customers to find unique and sought-after items that resonate with their personal interests.

With a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, Be More Geek aims to provide a memorable retail experience for enthusiasts of all ages. The store's opening hours, from 9 AM to 6 PM on weekdays and 11 AM to 5 PM on Sundays, accommodate the schedules of diverse patrons, ensuring accessibility to a wide range of customers.


1. What types of merchandise does Be More Geek offer?

Be More Geek offers a diverse range of merchandise, including POP! Vinyl figures, action figures, T-shirts, plush toys, and various other items inspired by popular films, TV shows, and gaming licenses.

2. What are the core values of Be More Geek?

Be More Geek is dedicated to celebrating fandom and creativity, providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for fans of all ages, and offering a wide selection of unique and sought-after products from beloved entertainment franchises.

3. What makes Be More Geek unique?

Be More Geek stands out for its extensive collection of merchandise, catering to a diverse range of fandoms and interests. The store's commitment to celebrating fandom and providing a memorable retail experience sets it apart in the realm of geek culture retail.

4. How accessible is Be More Geek to customers?

Be More Geek is conveniently located in Eldon Square, Newcastle upon Tyne, and offers flexible opening hours, ensuring accessibility to a broad customer base. The store is open from 9 AM to 6 PM on weekdays and 11 AM to 5 PM on Sundays, accommodating the schedules of diverse patrons.

How to find Be More Geek in Newcastle upon Tyne

Utilise the given postcode NE1 7XG or the GPS coordinates, 54.9745 for latitude and -1.6163 for longitude, to find the shop. Additionally, a map has been provided below to aid you in pinpointing the shop.

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